Ward Sspomitapi (SS-POH-ME-TAH-PEE)

"Sspomitapi" means Star Person and originates from the Indigenous language spoken by the Blackfoot.

The Blackfoot have many stories that acknowledge the sky and the stars, often called Sky Beings. As for Ssopmitapi (Star Person), they were sent to earth by Napi (Creator) to establish a reciprocal relationship between Blackfoot people and bison. 

This same sense of mutual, cooperative interchange can help us in building strong communities.

Below is an approximate outline of Ward Sspomitapi. If you are unsure if your address falls within our ward, A more detailed map can be found here:

Ward Sspomatapi The boundaries are basically from Sherwood Park Freeway south to the City limits at 73 Avenue Southwest. And from 50 Street east to the Henday.