Inter-Governmental Responsibilities

Working together with other levels of government and their elected officials.

The role of a City Councilor is to develop and evaluate municipal policies and programs relating to its services and other activities while considering the well-being and interests of the municipality and its community. An overview of the responsibilities of elected officials can be found below.


• Roads
• Transit
• Waste and Wastewater
• By-laws
• Municipal Parks and Rec Centres
• Local Planning and Development
• Fire and Police 
• Housing (shared with province) 

School Boards

• Evaluate Educational Policies
• Set Educational Priorities
• Establish Local School Policies

Your Trustees:
Edmonton Catholic Schools:
Ward 77: Laura Thibert
[email protected]

Edmonton Public Schools:
Ward I
: Jan Sawyer [email protected]
Ward G: Saadiq Sumar [email protected] 


• Affordable Housing 
• Education
• Health Care
• Labour
• Direct Taxation
• Provincial Public Works
• Property Rights
• Natural Resources (shared)
• Immigration (shared)
• Agriculture (shared)
• Pensions (shared) 

Your MLAs:
Jasvir Deol [email protected]

Edmonton-Millwoods: Christina Gray [email protected] 

Rod Loyola [email protected]


• Defense
• Foreign Policy
• Postal Services
• Banking
• Criminal Law
• Aboriginal Affairs
• Natural Resources (shared)
• Immigration (shared)
• Agriculture (shared)
• Pensions (shared) 
• Reserve Powers

Your MP:
Tim Uppal
[email protected]