As the planet warms, it is our obligation that future generations inherit a city that's committed to a sustainable future. We can achieve a low-carbon future by taking the following steps:


Keeping our region's natural plant and animal species alive and well is made possible through naturalization. The creation of naturalized spaces has many benefits, including the ability to respond more effectively to extreme weather and climate change (while also reducing the cost of upkeep). In addition to creating new spaces for citizens to connect with nature, naturalization also beautifies our urban environment.

Protecting our River Valley

As the largest contiguous area of urban parkland in Canada, the River Valley is the jewel of our city. Safeguarding its natural habitat so all Edmontonians can enjoy this gift is a top priority. The best way to protect its stunning beauty for generations to come and share it with the rest of the world is to establish a national park within the city limits.

Upgrading City Owned Facilities 

Buildings emit a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We can limit emissions by upgrading our facilities to ensure that they're ready to adapt to a warmer climate. Working with the Council, we can meet our targets through the Building Energy Benchmarking Campaign (BEB) as well as retrofitting buildings with solar panels.