Community Safety 

As our city grows, it is important to ensure that we can maintain a community that respects the dignity and safety of all its residents. 


Many residents have expressed concerns regarding speeding in our neighbourhoods. It is important that measures be implemented to reduce the threat of accidents along our roads, while maintaining a steady traffic flow. The Safe Speeds Toolkit is a program that supports safer speeds on our roads and allows communities to access various tools for use on streets and throughout our neighbourhoods. It consists of community-led, city-enabled tools to create awareness and reduce speeding. These tools are designed to help change behaviours and attitudes around speeding in our communities.

Additionally, the Vision Zero Street Lab program combines Edmontonians’ lived experience and City staff technical expertise to collaboratively identify and implement customized, creative and flexible solutions that address traffic safety concerns.


It is the right of all residents to live their lives in peace and without fear of targeted harassment. It is clear that the city must do more to ensure that all residents are treated with respect for their culture. Working together with members of council, we must support measures that counter racist abuse in the community.

Peace Officers:

In order to better protect our residents, more Peace Officers are needed to  work alongside Edmonton Police Services to keep our streets safe. Additionally, Transit Peace Officers are also needed to ensure that residents can safely use our buses and LRT without fear and arrive safely at their destination.


Vision Zero Street Labs

In an effort to improve the transportation system for all users, the City is investing in new infrastructure and technology. Vision Zero Street Labs uses a data-driven approach to address traffic and road safety issues


The Edmonton Police Commission is tasked with the oversight of policing under the Municipal Government Act. If you have a comment or complaint regarding policing, please refer to the EPC website:

You can also contact the Edmonton Police Service at the following numbers:

Non-Emergencies: (780) 423-4567
Mobile Access: #377
TTY/TTD: (780) 425-1231  
Crime stoppers: 1-800-222-8477
Concerns: (780) 421-2676

Edmonton Police Commission