I am very grateful for the non-financial support I have received from the many volunteers that have given of their time and talents to the campaign – whether it be putting up signs, dropping leaflets, going door-knocking with me, creating videos or reaching out to their network of family & friends to provide their personal endorsements.

Thank you!

Donation Disclosure

I am happy to disclose my donor list prior to the election so that voters can see I am not beholden to any special interest groups. I am committed to being the voice of all Ward Sspomitapi residents.

And I'm pleased to report that I am within the budget that I had planned. Keeping costs down ensures good value for these donor dollars. We have re-used some of the signs from 2017 and simply updated them with the new Ward Sspomitapi name.

I also saw no reason to spend money on a campaign office – especially given our current public health crisis and the need to limit our indoor contacts.

Thank you to the following individuals for your support!

Under $50
2 donors

$50 to $300

Evelinne Crawford
Judy Wilson
Hijal De Sarkar
A. Grant Cameron
Ron & Joan Yandeau
Jocelyn Johnson
Daljit & Manminder Deol
Louise Borle
Kevin Wright

$301 - $1,000

Jerry Wright

Over $1,000

Jo-Anne Wright